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This section is going to celebrate quirky, glamorous and downright bizarre hats.

This week I’m starting it off in (questionable) style by having a look at the recent surge in 1920s fashion caused by what I like to call the Gatsby Effect.


These hats were spotted at Ascot in June, and I think we can safely say that these women have gone all out in their attempts to recreate the Jazz Age. I love the 1920s – so much that I’m having a party on Saturday for my 21st which is themed around the 20s.

These headdresses (which I’m counting as hats because they’re so lavish), are so excessive that they definitely pay tribute to the extravagant era; and give this fine feathered specimen a run for its money:

I don’t think I’d trust myself with a turban like that – it’s practically a weapon!