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What is it about hats that is so irresistible? They’re just pieces of cloth that we stick on top of our heads, that we have to hold on to in the wind or protect in the rain; that we complain of giving us “hat hair” (or, in my case, the dreaded “hat fringe”).

And yet they add distinct glamour to any outfit. Wear a hat out in public and you will undoubtedly get admiring glances or comments from strangers. It’s happened to me on many occasions, and all I can assume is that hats hold some kind of magic – something reminiscent of times past – that kindles a sense of nostalgia for a kind of fashion that has been replaced by onesies and trainers with wedges.

I want to bring back the hat, and this blog will be dedicated to an appreciation of hat-centric fashion.

What will I be filling my posts with, I hear you ask? Well I’m going to post pictures of my own hats primed and perfect for your perusal, along with a section called Hat of the Week, in which I will find some wacky and wonderful hats to gush about. Thursdays will henceforth be known as Throwback Thursdays, where I will fish out a hat from days gone by and feature it here for your eyes exclusively. I’ll find hats that I love, hate, am amused by or confused by, all bundled together with some (hopefully) witty and eloquent prose to bring together the hat enthusiasts of the world!

Let us journey onward into the intricate realms of fedoras and panamas, fezzes and pork pies, and rejoice in the happiness a simple hat can bring.