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This is my first look at Hats in History! I’m enjoying this way more than perhaps I should…

These hats are what we all called princess hats when we were younger. They are in fact called Henins, and are thought to be designed to reflect the high Gothic towers which were the fashion for castles in Medieval Europe.

41Apparently they weren’t worn in England, but were popular in Europe and the Middle East. Foreheads were thought to be very beautiful at that time, so these hats were a popular way of displaying women’s large, shiny foreheads…

The veils could either fall to the ground like above, or be wrapped around the hat, a little bit like this:

No matter the history, I will always think of them as “princess hats” and associate them with my childhood – not least because my wonderful grandmother made me one of my own when I was 7 and I was besotted: (I’m the one on the left)