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I’ve had an intensely glamorous weekend – I turned 21 on Saturday and had an extravagant 1920s themed party. I’m still recovering from the fabulous costumes and wish I could do it again…

Anyway, now I have time to blog properly. This post is all about celebrating celebrities who show dedication to hat-wearing, and today I’m looking at Kate Middleton! The Duchess of Cambridge (which is where I’m from!) looks flawless in every hat she wears, and her high-profile gives the effortless glamour of a good hat more attention.

I adore this hat – it makes me think of riding or hunting hats women wore in the late 19th/early 20th centuries.

As a fan of furry cossacks (my own is one of my favourites), I love that Kate has one! They not only look quirky and fabulous, but they are so warm  that there’s no sense in not wearing one during the freezing winter months.

kate-middleton-red-hatI think this is the kind of hat we’re used to seeing her in, and she’s worn so many it’s hard to choose which one to showcase! I love this one because of the colour and the simplicity. The angle also makes it look a little more quirky; setting off her simple dress perfectly.

If you google “Kate Middleton hats”, there are SO many photographs. Judging by her influence in fashion, I’ve got my fingers crossed that she’ll single-handedly bring back the hat!