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I dearly wish I could say that I own one of these.

This hat is perhaps not as chic as the hats that have so far been featured on this blog, but you can’t dispute that it’s quirky! Not only do sunglasses hats come in a large variety of colours, but they are also multi-functional!


No longer do we need to pine after a hat that shades our face AND doesn’t impede our vision: here is now a hat that solves our problems! If anything, you’ll be bound to draw attention in this unique contraption, and it’s perfectly acceptable to wear it higher up your head so that the sunglasses are merely an amusing accessory.

Being someone who likes a laugh, this is the perfect hat to whip out at an opportune moment, and I’ll be keeping on the lookout for one when I go on holiday tomorrow! Who knows, maybe it’ll make my 30th hat…