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I have returned from the sunny haven of Majorca, where I spent four luxurious days on a boat! Talk about glamorous.

After looking at actual royalty last week, I’m venturing into acting royalty today by looking at the spectacular Audrey Hepburn. She is my fashion and general life idol, and this blog wouldn’t be complete without an homage to her dedication to hats.

a6916-audrey-hepburn-tiffanys-hat-scarfAlthough the size of this bow might not be entirely practical, I am absolutely in love with the way it drapes elegantly from the hat, partially obscuring her face to evoke a sense of intrigue about who lies under it. The contrast between dark and white adds immediate class.

This is a quirky twist on the classic bowler hat, and I think the light pink is a nice contrast to the simple colours in the last picture. I like how it perches on the back of her head and – offering a liberation for hair that many hats do not provide – it looks as though Audrey has managed to put up her hair whilst comfortably donning a hat. That’s the dream!

This is a simple straw hat, but Audrey wears it with such panache that it looks exquisite.

Audrey Hepburn demonstrates that wearing hats is not a chore, and that they can make an outfit iconic. It’s been so difficult to choose only three hats because she’s got a lifetime of gorgeous ones to look at. I can only strive to own a collection as large as hers…