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This week I’m paying homage to what is in my opinion one of the coolest hats around, and yet the most difficult to wear: the top hat.

1035aI really love these hats, and yet I find it incredibly difficult to justify wearing one. I don’t own one – except for my fabulous top hat-style fascinator – because I can’t work out when I’d wear one. But you can’t deny they are superior to many things.

They can be worn by women like in this photo, but it does take the right outfit to pull it off. I dearly hope that one day I can legitimately wear a top hat. I love that this particular hat fuses the masculine top hat with feminine feather and sparkle: it would really make the wearer stand out and I’m convinced they’d get a lot of attention!

Until top hats become the accepted fashion, I’ll have to settle for fancy dress. There are some awesome top hats around – especially if you fancy going Mad Hatter-style: