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This is staying along the same lines as yesterday’s top hat post, in that many of these hats were fashioned around the general top hat appearance.

Women during the Victorian and Edwardian eras often went out hunting with the men, and therefore needed a whole new hat for the activity.

il_570xN.475388258_q796This is really a modern interpretation, which I found on Etsy, but it’s got the right sentiment: a smart top hat with feathers (or decoration of some kind) and a net veil.

This is perhaps a more accurate depiction of what they would have worn. It’s like a mini and more decorated version of the traditional top hat.

I really love this one, and would totally wear it if I had the chance! Apparently these kind of hats could also be worn by brides at weddings (although I assume they’d go for one in white). You can see why, as this has a pretty splendid veil which could work perfectly!