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Oops, I may have let life carry me away for a while there. I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks, but hopefully I’ll be back on track for updating this blog!

So from one Keira Knightley film to another, I’m looking at hats in films again, and this time I’m looking at the heartbreaking film, The Duchess.

The hats and costumes in this film are truly stunning, which is probably why it won an Oscar for costume design. I’ve said before how much I love the clothes Keira Knightley gets to wear, and this is no exception.

MOV_Pre_Duchess_2127This is perhaps one of my favourite outfits, when the Duchess is involved with a political campaign. The hat is phenomenal, with the fur that matches her muffler adding the perfect finishing touch. I love the regal blue colour: it looks feminine, yet holds its own, signalling that this is a strong-minded woman.

This is the only picture I could find that shows all of this hat, which I wanted to do because the shape is so beautiful. I love the structured straw lined with navy blue; it’s stately, yet still summery.

Here is a rather fabulous hat ensemble, even including the wonderful Ralph Fiennes in a swashbuckling pirate hat! I like that Georgiana (the Duchess) and her friend (who happens to be the Duke’s mistress…) are in complementary colours, with her mother and husband in darker hues. I think it just suggests something about the differences between their generations, but maybe I’m reading too much into it.