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I haven’t done too many posts about men who wear hats, so I thought I’d start off by celebrating someone who I know is close to many people’s hearts: Justin Timberlake.

He has certainly been seen often in hats, and I think he’s one of us. They add a certain panache to his outfits, and maybe that’s why so many women adore him. Men, take note!

justin-timberlake-southern-hospitality-After a quick Google search, it seems that one of his preferred styles is the trilby. I chose this as an example because I like the multi-coloured stripe around the brim, which I think sets it apart from other plain trilbies. It’s also particularly suave because it coordinates with his waistcoat…

Now this is a rather fine specimen, and don’t even get me started on the hipster glasses! I think he’s pulling off the English country farmer-turned lothario exceptionally well, although the peaked cap doesn’t seem to be doing anything to hide him from the press.

Seriously, need I say more? I haven’t featured beanies yet on this blog, so this seems like a perfect opportunity. The red hat provides a nice pop of colour to the otherwise dull, wintery outfit, and I personally love colour contrasts. I often underestimate the beanie because it’s so simple, but I’m starting to think, whilst looking at this picture, that I quite like them…