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How could this blog function properly without a reference to The Great Gatsby? Or, as I like to call it, The Great HATsby

You may have gathered that I adore 20s fashion, and their hats are the pinnacle atop the perceived perfection that is the decadent era.

Too many words for you? Let’s just get straight to the hats.

We’ll start with the eponymous character, Jay Gatsby, wearing his boater slightly off-kilter. Did you know that in the 19th century, men who wore their hats at an angle signalled that they were single and ready to mingle? A man famous for that was General Custer, who famously lost a battle against some Native Americans. Anyway, I digress. This hat is simply divine, and no more needs to be said. Just look and admire.

jordan-and-daisyThese two women are demonstrating the easy glamour of the cloche hat. I love cloche hats because they’re so simple, but look SO elegant. Jordan and Daisy here pull them off spectacularly, justifying my wish to jump in a Tardis and go and live in the 20s.

Ok, this isn’t a hat exactly, but this phenomenal headdress needs to be featured. Jordan wears some really fascinating costumes which perfectly encapsulate her disinterested air and glamorous lifestyle.