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Even though summer’s fading far too quickly, I want to extend it that tiny bit longer by having a look at boater hats.

I bought this one in a small boutique in Cambridge for only £9, and I adore it. It goes with everything, and because it’s small you can even wear your hair up in a low bun without dislodging it.


I especially like wearing it with a maxi dress during the day: maxi dresses can look a bit too much, but the boater makes it more casual, and therefore more wearable.

It’s also really easy to pack in a suitcase: it’s sturdy, so there’s no chance of damaging it. I stuffed it with bikinis, packed clothes around it, and it hardly took any room. Definitely highly recommended for holidays!


Boater hats have a tradition of being the chosen hat of public schools and old universities, and when I went punting in Cambridge this summer I felt like I was contributing to that tradition … sort of.

And here’s a picture of it in action on a beach in Wales.