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As you probably know by now, this blog doesn’t only celebrate stupendous hats, but the quirky and slightly confusing. Today’s (late) post will admire the latter.

Australia is famed for many things: kangaroos, the Sydney Opera House, Christmas in the summer … One thing that’s become a big stereotype is the cork hat:

cork+hatI’m not going to comment on the aesthetics of this hat – do I need to, when it is capable of creating music?! Ok, perhaps these corks don’t make much of a sound, but if you replaced them with some shells from the Great Barrier Reef you’d have the potential for an awesome musical hat. Who wouldn’t want that?

Apparently the cork hat has its origins in the 19th century – I’m guessing when the Europeans started to send their convicts Down Under. The brim shaded the face and the corks – you guessed it – kept away those pesky flies! So it really is a multi-purpose hat, shielding the wearer from sunburn and bites, and serenading them whilst they munched on a barbecue.

To many clichés? I’ll stop now, I promise.

There are also instructions I found on how to make your own hat!! If my job hunt is prolonged for much longer, I may be resorting to this…

Finally, feast your eyes on this magnificent cork hat cake (see what I did there?). This really is a great demonstration of dedication to both Australia and hats, of which I thoroughly approve (again, I may be compelled to try this myself soon).