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I know I said before that I don’t own a top hat, and while that’s mostly true, I do own a particular gem that’s almost a top hat… Although it’s technically an accessory, I decided it needed to be featured here because I think it’s quite spectacular.
922740_10151524034917955_703479618_nI wore this hat to a dinner dance with my Ballroom and Latin society (which of course meant we had dance cards and just casually waltzed, jived and tangoed around for the entire evening). I also wore it at my Graduation Ball in June with this dazzling dress, and I adored the entire ensemble.

The Graduation Ball was an emotional night, as we were all saying goodbye for the final time, so I had to come prepared to hide my tears. Of course that netted veil didn’t do much to hide anything, but I did enjoy the detached, classy persona I could employ with it!


You certainly can’t wear a hat like this anywhere, but that makes it even more special when you do come to wear it. Nothing says “I am stylish and sophisticated; only approach if you’re willing to converse appropriately” like a top hat and veil!

If you’re anxious to get one of your own, there are nearly always some around. I got mine from Accessorize in May, but it was about £30 (officially my most expensive hat).