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I suppose I could have done this post closer to Halloween, but I live on the edge so I’ll do it two weeks in advance.

Don’t you love a good witch hat? They’re pretty dramatic and there’s a lot of variety, so if you don’t want to blend in with a bog-standard black pointed hat you can veer off into quirkiness by stringing cobwebs, spiders, and an assortment of other witchy oddities from it. But let’s start with the traditional form.



What a spooky stare she’s giving, and it’s no doubt aided by that atmospheric hat. Probably. Unless you’ve been hibernating your entire life, you will have seen hats such as this. Classic, attached to fairy tales like Snow White and Hansel and Gretel, and instantly recreating that iconic witch look.

Alternatively, you could go completely bananas with your choice of witch hat, adding feathers, cobwebs and even colour! [As you may be able to tell, I’m in a very sarcastic mood right now].

However, this is not the most exciting thing that comes up when you google “witch hats”. Here is a variety of witch hats so tasty that I would willingly eat them all now. They can be made with Nutella (my favourite food ever) and Oreos. Um, yes please!

And with that mouth-watering display, I’m off to make supper.