The Girl Behind The Hat

In case you’re wondering who this person who is throwing hats and words about with gay abandon is, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m a recent English Literature graduate from the UK who, along with her hat obsession, has a long-held desire to become an author. That’s why my posts may venture off into tangents and string out words like paper chains: I love to write. So combining my two loves must surely equal happiness, yes?

While I am looking for a job, subjected to the eternal paradox that is the landscape of the recent graduate, I have decided to both finish the novel I’m working on and start a new blog. I have a feeling this blog will become my procrastination when I’m stuck with the novel.

I have two other blogs: muse2amuse, which is my blog of book reviews, writing woes and general musings, and Heart Nail Art, which details the extensive time and attention I give to decorating my fingernails. If you have any interest in me, the topics of my blogs, or simply need to avoid going back to work, please do give them a read. They can be quite delightful!


1 thought on “The Girl Behind The Hat”

  1. Can one “venture off into tangents” or should it be “venture off on tangents”?

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